Give Your App Users Fewer Decisions to Make

From the very beginning, the mobile experience was intended to be made up of simple, quick experiences. With devices having a small form factor and users often multi-tasking while using your app, if you are displaying more than two to three options per screen, you are creating too many decisions for people using a smaller screened device.  Make sure that you or your mobile app development company is making your application easy for your users to use by reducing the number of decisions users are asked to make per screen.

24926701680_b7e94b6af4_z1Think about what you are displaying on each screen and why. What is the user doing on each screen? What info do they need to accomplish their task on each screen? What information is not necessary and just getting in the way? Make a careful examination of content and determine if it is the right information for someone to make the decision to move to the next-step. By taking the time to determine what information your app’s users’ actually need to make each decision and eliminating the rest you can cut down on the cognitive work load and improve the user experience.

Many companies will release mobile apps that simply have too much content on each mobile screen. The problem with this is that it does not help users make a quick decision.  Instead of just assuming users will work their way through whatever you want to display, consider how you can help the user take the next step.  Think about what decision you want each user to make on that page. Do you want them to purchase a product? Contact you for more information? Then when you know what action you want users to take on each screen, decide what is the information is necessary for users to be able to act.

Pic: TechStage (Flikr)

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Kimber Johnson

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