Improve the Effectiveness of Your Mobile Messaging

For most businesses, mobile marketing is a given when you consider the amount of time spent on mobile devices by individuals in the modern world. Surprisingly, many have yet to understand the power of mobile marketing and have not yet started marketing in the mobile environment yet.

If you are new to mobile, you are able to build upon 10 years of experience that many mobile marketers have already invested in the medium.If you are new to mobile, you are able to build upon 10 years of experience that many mobile marketers have already invested in the medium. You can easily skip some of the early stages that many businesses went though only to learn that there is a better way to do things. Such as early mobile experiences that were essentially a company’s web site crammed into a mobile environment.

These days most mobile app development companies and mobile marketing companies understand that users want an experience that is different on their mobile phones than they are presented with while on their laptop computer.

You will want to create a mobile experience that considers who is using your app and how they are using it.  Your mobile app should have specific benefits for your customers.  Don’t be selfish trying to push your agenda, instead consider how your app can help your customers.

As part of improving the user experience, you will want to improve the messaging in the app. One way to do this is by personalizing the messaging. To do this you will want to create a data program that allows you to understand each user and deliver messaging based on their prior app usage.

A great example of this is Amazon’s mobile app which will make suggestions based on past behavior. For example if I search for books from a certain author, they will make several suggestions of books that are similar. By doing so, they improve my level of satisfaction with their app and brand. If they were making suggestions that were completely irrelevant it would obviously reduce the quality of the user experience.

By delivering relevant messages, you can capitalize on the desires that your users already have. You want your mobile app to enable users to be able to act on their existing desires.

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