How to Optimize Your App Store Keywords

The number of mobile apps in app stores has been growing in leaps and bounds and now it is somewhere around 2.2 million apps in the Play Store and 2 million in the Apple App Store. At the same time, the rush to grab the top positions in the app stores is getting more intense and it is getting harder to make an app that will attract the attention of the big audience. Users normally go to the app stores, look through top-grossing apps, featured apps, or open the search and enter various keywords associated with the application they want to download. For new apps, it is easy to get lost and never be found. That’s why making your app visible is vital to reaching your target audience. And one of the most efficient approaches to making your app discoverable in app stores is keyword optimization. Here are some tricks every mobile app developer should learn to optimize your app store keywords.


Do not be afraid to put every word in your head or anything that comes to mind down on paper, then reread it later to edit and decide on meaningful words.

One of the most efficient approaches to making your app discoverable in app stores is keyword optimization. Know your audience

To successfully pass a message to someone, you must know who that someone is. What factors will make them want to download and use your app? Though identifying their location, language, age, gender, etc. is a very important step, going deeper will help you determine how to attract them. What terms do they use to search for your app? Knowing the keywords users associate with your app will help you get some valuable data you can utilize to improve your marketing. You can also send out surveys and ask for feedback on your app.

Check out the competition

There are a number of sneaky online tools like MobileDevHQ, App Annie and SensorTower that allow you to see what your rivals are bidding on. Also, web tools like Google Trends and Google AdWords can tell you what keywords competitors are using and how you can use that information to enhance your search ranking.

Learn how to enter keywords

When it comes to optimizing app store keywords, never use spaces. Rather, use commas to separate keywords. Also, consider using common typos and plurals, especially if you’ve got some characters left over.

The bottom line

Keyword optimization is not a one-time thing, that’s why you need to continually test and optimize your app store keywords. Remember app stores are constantly changing and you need to keep abreast of changes.

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