Why you want Eye Catching Screenshots for your Mobile App

Human beings tend to be very visual. Because of this screenshots are an important part of your mobile app’s app store listing. In fact, less than 2% of app store visitors will open the full app description. Often a customer’s perception of your mobile app is primarily influenced by the quality of the screenshots.

People are influenced more quickly through visual communication than written communication, so businesses and mobile app development companies that put extra effort into their screen shot selection will be at an advantage over competitors that don’t.

2909483129_fc38488202_zThis is your chance to show your app off, so make sure you spend the appropriate time designing high quality screenshots that show off your app. But keep in mind that your screenshots won’t excite users unless your user interface design is impressive.

When you are picking screen shots remember that visitors to your app on the app store are all asking themselves a very similar set of questions. First they want to know if the app can accomplish the task they want accomplished. Second, they want to know if your app is of an appropriate level of quality. Finally, they are trying to validate the decision to download your app, is it worth the time and money?

As part of this process, customers will typically examine app screenshots before they look at the app listing. Typically a customer feels that if the screenshots look good, the app will be good. Conversely, if the screenshots don’t impress them, they then believe they won’t like the app. At that point there may be no need to further read the rest of the app store listing. Because of this, your screenshots have two jobs: first they need to grab the attention of potential users and then they need to convince them to download your app.

Remember that only one screenshot shows up in search, so make sure you upload your most impressive image first. Perhaps even consider creating an advertisement for your app for that first screen shot. First impressions are crucial.

Screenshots can be used to help advertise your app. Feel free to add text and graphics to your images to highlight your mobile app’s functionality. You are not limited to posting generic in-app shots. Feel free to emphasize the benefits and unique features of your app.  Uniqueness can be very powerful when advertising your app, make sure to go out of your way to emphasize why your app is different from your competition.

Pic: Cristiano Betta (Flikr) http://bit.ly/2ca0fr5

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